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Shopping in Belo Horizonte

Looking for some original and interesting handicrafts from Minas Gerais? Belo Horizonte has all the answers to your shopping needs! It is the travelling shopper's delight, as it offers innumerable shopping options. Shopping in Belo Horizonte is a very interesting experience; you will find handicrafts, precious stones, and souvenirs, among all sorts of other merchandise. Latin America's biggest handicraft street fair is held in Belo Horizonte. It attracts visitors from all over Brazil as well as from other countries.

Visit the fairs and marketplaces of Belo Horizonte for some unique bargains!

Use this Belo Horizonte Shopping Guide to help plan your exciting shopping adventure. We have detailed some of the best places to shop and the types of souvenirs you are likely to find. For more general information about shopping in Brazil see our Brazil Shopping Guide. Revive your energy over lunch at one of the many Belo Horizonte restaurants and snack stands available around the shopping districts. You will probably find a nice one close to your hotel or accommodation!

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Belo Horizonte Shopping Guide


Different fairs are held all over Belo Horizonte on different days of the week. They are popular not just for the shopping options but also for the wonderful food, lively music and cultural presentations.

altThe Feira de Arte, more popularly known as Feira Hippie, is the most traditional fair held here. It is organised every Sunday at Afonsa Pena Avenue between Bahia Street and Guajajara Street, from 6am to 2pm. The biggest handicraft street fair, this is the perfect place to find anything and everything, and at affordable prices too! Clothes, handicraft ornaments, jewellery, paint, small furniture pieces, souvenirs - find them all here and catch up with all the local news too! After all the shopping, refresh yourself at the snack stands filled with candies, sodas, cold beers and all sorts of traditional food.

The Mineirinho Fair or the Feira do Mineirinho is another popular fair. It is held in Pampulha, in the Mineirinho Stadium on Thursdays from 5pm, and on Sundays from 7am to 4pm. Clothes, handicrafts, decorative artwork and shoes are just some of the goods sold here. The fair is livened up with musical presentations and lots of food stands.


Distrital do Cruzeiro is a big market in the city. This traditional market offers products of high quality and a bar with a stunning view. However, for the locals of Belo Horizonte, the word market instantly brings to mind the Mercado Central. Rich with history, the market grew with the city. It sells food, handicrafts and other products from every part of the state. The market has been functioning the same way for years. It is the place to enjoy a friendly chat whilst sitting in a bar, the place to eat exotic tropical fruits, or to just enjoy the festive atmosphere while shopping.

altThe Central Market also known as the Mercado Central is a treasure house of truly unique Mineiro or Brazilian souvenirs. If you are in doubt about what to buy, this is the place to go to, for the multitude of options will make things clear! You are sure to find that perfect gift here. Mercado Central is a place where you will find everything. A visit to the market is much more than just a shopping trip. It is an experience by itself.

Shopping Malls

Belo Horizonte's City Hall planned improvement works for the city centre. Among its top priorities was the creation of popular shopping malls, where they put together all ambulant salesmen who were spread out across the city's streets. But planners never imagined that these shopping malls would become so popular! The development of these malls has improved and developed the shopping industry in Belo Horizonte, attracting ever growing public support. Nowadays, popular shopping malls are a great option for purchasing at a good price!

Shopping malls in Belo Horizonte count on good location and best quality. They are one of the most popular gathering points to have fun, go to the cinema and, of course, enjoy yourself shopping. You can find a shopping mall at every region of Belo Horizonte with lots of variety and comfort. 

Precious Stones

Since colonial time the natural riches of Minas Gerais have been coveted by foreigners. Nowadays, all the history is told by the wonderful architecture we have in colonial cities. But we are still famous for our precious stones that enchant you with the sparkles of this history. People from all over the world come to Belo Horizonte looking for precious stones to give as a special gift for their girlfriend, mother, friend or even for themselves.

If you are interested in buying some gems and precious stones in Belo Horizonte, take a look at our Gemstones Tour or get in contact with us because our staff is able to schedule visits in some of the best gem stores in town for you.



Market - Mercado Distrital do Cruzeiro
Ouro Fino Street, 452 - Cruzeiro
Tel: + 55 31 3223-3477
Email: mercadodocruzeiro@yahoo.com.br
[view on map]
Store - Minas Gerais Handcrafts
Afonso Pena Avenue, 1537 - Centre
Tel: + 55 31 3272-9513
[view on map]

Wine Store - Casa do Vinho
Av. Bias Fortes, 1543 - Barro Preto
Tel: +55 31 3337-7177 | 31 3286-7891
Email: info@casadovinho.com.br
Website: http://www.casadovinho.com.br
[view on map]
Wine Store - Expand Store
Alagoas, 735 - Savassi
Tel: +55 31 3261-2444
Website: http://www.expand.com.br
[view on map]

Fair - Feira de Artesanato do Mineirinho
Mineirinho Stadium, Pampulha
[view on map]
Market - Mercado Central
Av. Augusto de Lima 744 - Centre.
Tel: + 55 31 3274 9611
Email: mercado@mercadocentral.com.br
Website: http://www.mercadocentral.com.br

Fair - Feira Hippie
Av. Afonso Pena
Tel: Todo domingo das 06:00 h às 14:00 h
[view on map]
Wine Store - Cachaça do Brasil
Paraíba, 1317 - Savassi
Tel: +55 31 3284-6315
[view on map]

Music Store - A Serenata
Av. Olegário Maciel 151 - Centre
Tel: +55 31 3211-1329 - Fax: +55 31 3271.3824
Website: http://serenata.shop.com.br/
[view on map]
Mall - Shopping Oiapoque
Av. Oiapoque, 156 - Centre
Tel: + 55 31 3201-0185
Email: contato@shoppingoiapoque.com.br
Website: http://www.shoppingoiapoque.com.br
[view on map]

Mall - BH Shopping
BR 356, 3049 - Belvedere
Tel: +55 31 4003-4135 - Fax: + 55 31 3228-4213
Website: http://www.bhshopping.com.br
[view on map]
Mall - Shopping Cidade
Tupis, 337 - Centre
Tel: + 55 31 3279-1200
Website: http://www.shoppingcidade.com.br
[view on map]

Mall - Diamond Mall
Av. Olegário Maciel, 1600 - Lourdes
Tel: 4003-4136 (somente capitais) - Fax: + 55 31 3330-8627
Website: http://www.diamondmall.com.br
[view on map]
Mall - Pátio Savassi
Av. do Contorno, 6061 - Funcionários
Tel: + 55 31 3263-8521
Email: marketing@patiosavassi.com
Website: http://www.patiosavassi.com
[view on map]

Gem Store - Gemas de Minas
Rio de Janeiro Street, 340 - Centre
Tel: + 55 31 32018129 - Fax: + 55 31 32018129
Email: gemasdeminas@yhaoo.com.br
Website: http://gemasdeminas.com.br
[view on map]
Gem Store - Hikari Gem Centre
Paraíba Street, 330 - Funcionários
Tel: + 55 31 3222-8477
Email: hikarigem@globo.com
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