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Cheverny Apart Hotel

Address: Rua Timbiras, 1492. Lourdes., Belo Horizonte

At Cheverny Apart Hotel, you will find all the comfort and quality you need for a perfect stay. The hotel contains spacious and refined areas, just your style. They also guarantee you excellent service. All the staff members are well trained and committed to guest service.

The hotel cares about quality, so it is always improving its amenities and activities to offer you the best. Cheverny Apart Hotel is conveniently located near one of the city's main avenues, Afonso Pena, where you can easily reach Palácio das Artes and Parque Municipal.


The Cheverny Apart Hotel is located in a charming region of Belo Horizonte. From there you have easy access to many important points in the city, such as Praça da Liberdade, Municipal Park and Palácio das Artes. You will also be near Savassi, a region famous for its busy night life with good restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The hotel is located within 100 metres from "Conexão Aeroporto" bus station, a shuttle service that has a direct connetion from the city centre to Confins Airport.


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Hotel Address: Rua Timbiras, 1492. Lourdes., Belo Horizonte
Distance to attraction points:
  • Praça Sete Square: 1,7km The Seventh of September Square is located at the crossroads of two big avenues of Belo Horizonte: the Amazonas and Afonso Pena. It has an obelisk that marks the ground zero of the city.
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  • Savassi Square: 3km The real name of this square is Diego Vasconselos Square. In the 30's an Italian named Savassi opened his bakery in this square, since then the name became popular among the locals. Nowadays, this is a place close to a lot of bars and nightclubs.
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  • Main Bus Station: 2,5km Inaugurated in 1971 as the biggest and most modern bus station of Latin America, our main bus station has the capacity to attend to 17 millions passengers per year.
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  • Central Market: 1km Founded in 1929, The Central Market of Belo Horizonte has the most diverse shops and bars. It is commonly visited by the locals to drink a beer or buy something unique.
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  • Pope's Square: 6km The real name of this square is Israel Pinheiro Square but, since 1980, when Pope John Paul II came to Belo Horizonte and celebrated a mass there, the locals have called it by this nickname; it is located in Mangabeiras neighborhood.
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  • Liberty Square: 1,2km This square was given a face lift in 1991 and is one of the most beautiful and preserved places in Belo Horizonte. The Liberty Square is part of an important architectural complex built in a neoclassic style.
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  • Mineirão Stadium: 10,2km The Governador Magalhães Pinto Stadium is the 29th largest stadium in the world and the 2nd largest in Brazil. In 2014, the Mineirão will be one of the stages for the FIFA World Cup.
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  • Station Square / Railway Station: 2km The Rui Barbosa Square is located in front of the Central Station of Belo Horizonte; for that reason the locals call it Station Square. In the 19th century this was the gateway of the city.
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  • Confins International Airport: 40km The Tancredo Neves International Airport is the principal airport of Belo Horizonte and the main entrance of tourists to the city. It is actually located at a nearby city called Confins witch it got this nickname from.
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  • Pampulha Airport: 15km The Carlos Drummond de Andrade Airport, more known as the Pampulha Airport was built in 1933 and maintains nowadays only the national flights.
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Getting there

By Car: The Cheverny Apart Hotel is located at the south central area of Belo Horizonte. To get there from the city center is easy. Take the Afonso Pena Avenue towards south, turn right at the Bahia street, drive 5 blocks and turn left at the Timbiras street.

From the Airport: If you are landing at the International Airport of Belo Horizonte or the Pampulha Airport the best option is to get the executive bus Unir (http://www.conexaoaeroporto.com.br/) and drop of at Álvares Cabral Avenue, last stop. From there you can get a taxi or walk 2 blocks down the Álvares Cabral Avenue and turn right. It is just 7 min walking.

From the Bus Station: If you are coming by bus, once you get at the bus station search for the registered taxis that are parked inside the station and ask them to leave you at the Cheverny Apart Hotel.

By Bus: We don't suggest you to use the public transportation of Belo Horizonte to get to this hotel. The Cheverny Apart Hotel is located right at the center of Belo Horizonte. In this case we advise you to take a taxi. It will save you time, it is more comfortable and, as the prices goes by the taximeter you won't have to worry about unfair rates so it may come out quite cheap.

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